The Universal Software Model

1. A New Software Paradigm -- The Informational Individual as a unique Informational Entity in the Software World.

2. A Unique Network of the Informational Individuals.

3. A programming language built on the Universal Informational System viewed as collections of parameters and the relationships among them.

The usm language can be viewed as an operating system for real problems and parameters of the problems. 

4. The Informational Individual is -- in fact -- a transition from the current 'Personal Computer' or 'Personal Device' to 'Personal Software'.

5. We can control complexity by bringing a magic flexibility in representing and controling the parameters of the problems.

I have a functional prototype!

7. The language has huge potential to become a real Universal Informational Model for any informational problem we have.

The Future in Software is Here

and ...

More simple is impossible!

The Universal Software Model!

It's all about real parameters of the problems!

No classes!         No Objects!         Not even pointers! 

      Hello World!

   In the classical text of software code we see 'Hello World'.

In the usm programming language (Universal Software Model) we will talk about and think in terms of parameters and relationships among parameters.

Hello, Parameter!!

Hello, Informational Individual! 

6. Very Important:

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We can control complexity!

The next software paradigm in Computer Science is here:

The Informational Individual!

The Informational Individual can be seen as a personal software!

The Object Oriented Programming is over!

Universal Software Model

based on a new,  simple,  unique,

universal informational entity --

The Informational Individual,

ready as a technical prototype and proof of concept!

'usm' is the programming language of the Universal Software Model!

But it is not only 'another' language.

This is a complete operating system for managing real problems using parameters of the problems.