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Here is a big start in the future of the software world and you can be a participant to my project!

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Mathematics, Physics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum computing, Big Bang, Universe, Society!!


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You could believe or not, but here is the magic formula for the future in software – the Universal Software Model based on a unique informational entity, called the Informational Individual!

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Curriculum Vitae

Gheorghe Matei, 24 March 1946 Romania Jud Dambovita Com Valea Lunga.

I was born with special abilities for mathematics. I think fluent Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Society and Universe!

I am an Electrical Engineer, the Polytechnic University Bucharest 1970.

Studies in Computer Science:

IBM Operating System 360, ASSIRIS (assembler language), Intell 8080 (assembler language), FORTRAN, COBOL, Pascal, C, C++, SQL, HTML, Java, JavaScript and a variety of symbolic languages for small computers.

My current working is oriented on two main directions:

   1. A fundamental invention in software, on a new model, a new paradigm, a new kind of thinking in information! The Current Software Model based on ‘dinosaurian’ constructions will be replaced (step by step or even in a surprising short time) by a natural form of informational entities, called the Informational Individuals (very, very strong inspired from the real world!). 90%.

  2. An original vision on the relationship between Mathematics and Physics! I see mathematics as a straight line (in a crystal ball of abstractions) and the physics as music! My conclusions: The Universe doesn’t know mathematics!! Energy is a human concept, not a physical reality! And so on. 10%.

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