A story ... on the Milky Way!

As you know, or only believe or suppose, A Unique Universal Ubiquitous Abstract Power (UUUAP) hard working was created What We See or Not!

At a certain point of the universal time, the universe was full of objects: the stars, the planets, ordinary stones, and UUUAP took care, as a good Parent, to put each object at its place.

But a minor problem appeared: the objects had to move at least from time to time; and, from here, the tired and boredom.

That's why, firmly, He Said:

"I have to Do something on My measure!"

And He Created:

The Human Individual!

Many years later, the Human Individual, having its own energy, intelligence, behaviour, becomes even independent and begins to make many objects: a hammer, a table, a picture, and so on, even an object for computing!.

Good work, but, exactly said, and like as above-mentioned, the tired and boredom appeared and, in a good day, at a cup of coffee, He said:

"I have to do something on my measure!"

and he created:

The Informational Individual!

You are here!

You could believe or not, but here is the magic formula for the future in software – the Universal Software Model based on a unique informational entity, called the Informational Individual!

 You could send me a message or/and you could become A PARTICIPANT to this project! If you can find a way for a major investing in this project, you can receive at least one million dollars!

Thank you very much for being here!!

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